Taking the first step

My last attempt to have my own blog was a total calamity. I could barely manage to post two articles. I will say it was basically down to laziness and procrastination.

I have found out in my short existence that the initial attempt to right all the wrong of the past is usually the most important step.Once you can summon the courage and motivation to cross that line ,looking back will become difficult.

The story of my life in the past 24 months has been that of never ever looking back after taking major decisions and I wake up everyday resolved to continue to thread the path of excellence and noble ambitions .

My blog is gonna give an insight into my person,  interests in life and politics .I will invite my friends and colleagues to also contribute so it does not become monotonous.

I hope my readers love me and the stuffs  I’m gonna feed their eyes and mind.

Until Tomorrow……..

Yomi Ogunderu