Screeching sounds from iron,groans and moans,muscles and wits.The battle field is littered with human corpses and blood was flowing like running tap.I panicked and almost took to my heel but my commander and general urged us to fight to the death because the glory of the empire is paramount and victory must be achieved at all cost.

This is a vivid description of the typical battle scene in the few centuries before Christ when the Roman Empire at the height of her imperial majesty took the entire world by storm with numerous battles and conquests.

In the past few days I have traveled back to antiquity,I have lived in the time of General Marius and shared bread with the great Emperor Marcus Aurelius.I have decided to engross myself into learning history and fine tune my understanding of the world around me.

It’s my favorite pastime now and I’m greatly loving it ………..

Sometimes, when I think about the situation in Nigeria and the rest of the world I just feel my generation may make the same mistakes men before us made.

Learning history has made me a different person and has kind of helped me understand the world around me better…