Cancer Lesson #53:Fighting Cancer Doesn’t Make You a Saint.

This is deep

Keeping A-Breast: Cancer Lessons

Cancer Lesson #53: Fighting cancer doesn’t make you a saint.

Or amazing.

Or brave.

Bravery involves a sacrifice to defend a principle or another person. Firefighters, police officers and soldiers exhibit this kind of courage every day.

Now that’s amazing.

But battling cancer is common sense, a clear case of self-defense. The only other option is to lie down and die – not a choice anyone in their right mind would pick.

In saying this, I’m not denigrating those who have fought this disease with fearlessness and grace (and I know there are many). And I’m not being falsely modest in confessing I wasn’t one of them. (No one who’s ever known me would accuse me of that virtue.)

I just couldn’t accept the credit others kept trying to foist on me for simply trying to stay alive when I knew they would do exactly the same if they ever…

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11 Weeks of Bliss

She came out with the umbilical cord tugged round her neck, pink and strong. A deafening silence followed, a stare at the accoucher and a strong single episode of sweet melodious cry follows confirming the arrival of my little Texan.

The story of my life took a dramatic and remarkable turn on this day, 11 weeks ago, when my sweet beautiful angel came bouncing into the world, a whooping 7.9 pounds bundle of joy and pride. I’ve always wanted a girl to be first in line and God blessed me with my heart desire.

I returned to the Caribbean 6 days later and kept  in touch via Facetime, while my little girl acclimatize with the world and the love around her.

We resumed our love affair when she came to join daddy and since then I have enjoyed the greatest excitement and adrenaline rush.

Playing Daddy to my little girl has been the greatest feeling ever. I keep falling in love with my little angel everyday; her smile brightens my day, her babbles are the sweetest sounds in my ears. She has given me a reason to live life to the fullest… another reason to believe in love!

I love you my Olivia; the bringer of Joy, my epitome of love, my bright future…….. Omodesinuayomi.